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Teeth Talk 

Any group of people can extend invitations to our offices and we will be glad to present to them some oral hygiene and dental products and also give them opportunity to visit our offices for any further dental screening. 

Unity Festival

Team Acquaye Dental furthermore contributes our quota to the Unity Festival organized annually by Mt Hebron Baptist Church in Garland. We volunteer with them to serve the member of the church and the community.

Diversity Day 

Team Acquaye Dental is also part of the businesses that participate in the ethnicity and culture fair by the city of Rowlett. The neighbors in the area converges to share food, music and engages each other who are of

Health Fairs 

Team Acquaye Dental has been participating in the health fair organized by the city of Garland since 2012. The City of garland employees and other professionals in the city visits the local health fair for businesses.